If your URL ends in jpggifpng or jpeg, it will be used as the source for an image tag. It should also work if there is a query string after the extension, perhaps specifying dynamic width and height values.

Online Videos

Use the URL for the page of the video for VimeoDailyMotionVine, and YouTube. Timeline honors Youtube start-at time parameters.

Video Files

Use a link to a video file on the internet. Timeline currently supports .mp4 files.

Audio Files

Use a link to a video file on the internet. Timeline currently supports .mp3.m4a, and .wav files.


Use the URL for the SoundCloud clip page.SpotifySupports use of tracks, albums, and user playlists. Use the URL obtained from clicking on “Copy Spotify URL.”


Use the Twitter embed code, or the URL of the tweet’s page.

Google Maps

Use the URL for the Google Maps page (unless you are using Streetview, which currently requires the embed URL found in the “Share” section). Coordinates, search results, place marks and directions are all honored by Timeline. TimelineJS supports roadmap, hybrid, satellite and terrain Google Maps, as well as directions, places, and Streetview maps.

Google Plus

Use the URL for the Google Plus photo, found by right-clicking (or control-clicking) the image and selecting “Copy Image URL”.


Use the URL for the Instagram photo’s page.


Use the URL for the Flickr photo’s page. The shortened link provided in the share menu (e.g. will also work.


Use the URL for the Imgur photo’s page. Please note that we have received an incresing number of support requests due to restrictions Imgur is placing on content served. If Imgur is serving a 403 error to Timeline in lieu of your image, this cannot be fixed on our end, you will need to contact Imgur support.


Use the URL of the Document Cloud document’s page.


Use the URL of the Wikipedia article’s page.


Use the URL of the Storify.


Instead of a URL, you can use <iframe> markup. This is a good general workaround to embedding media types that TimelineJS doesn’t handle directly.


Instead of a URL, you can use <blockquote> tags around whatever text you want to quote.


Use the URL of the Wistia video. You can find this in either the “Social Sharing” or “Embed Code” tab of your video.EmbedlyIf TimelineJS doesn’t recognize your media URL, it will try to use to get the best thing to include on your slide.