SDG Action Campaign @ CSW60: Empowering Women and Men in Gender Equality Through Innovative Technologies


Before the opening of the 60th CSW, for the first time UN Women, World YWCA and UN Inter‐Agency Network on Youth have organized the CSW Youth Forum on 11-12 March 2016, which was held in New York, and gathered over 300 young participants.


After an engaging opening performance by Tennille Amor and her song “I am a Girl… Woman of the World…”, UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka has opened this first CSW Youth Forum declaring “This is a defining moment when women and youth make an alliance… with the potential to change the world”.


The UN SDG Action Campaign has participated on the panel by introducing the SDGs to the youth participants at the Forum. A special interest has been highlighted on introducing youth viewpoints through the World We Want 2030 Platform, and more specifically with the e-consultation on SDG 5: Gender Equality. This was a great opportunity for the Policy Strategy Group, youth-leg organizations, and individuals who may not be able to attend the CSW Youth Forum to make sure their opinions and voices on gender equality are taken into consideration. We have shared a compilation of results from this online consultation linked with Gender Equality issues. For example, to the question “What does Gender Equality mean to you?”, a lot of responses focused on inclusion and empowerment of all genders, effective laws and legislation, and that “Gender equality is integral for sustainable development”.


During the 60th session of the CSW, the UN SDG Action Campaign has also hosted an interactive side-event, on 15 March at the Museum of Tolerance, focusing on how innovative technology tools are being used to promote gender equality and to build empathy. The SDG Action Campaign has invited three dynamic women entrepreneurs: Tiffany Pham, Founder & CEO of Mogul, Gesche Haas, Founder of Dreamers//Doers, and Kristin Gutekunst, Project Manager at the SDG Action Campaign. As women entrepreneurs, they explained how they leverage technology to bringCSW5 employment opportunities, education and networking platforms to women. These women are in the field, taking action right now. Their stories further emphasize the need to break silos in development, as all the SDGs are interlinked and can only be realized together.

Finally, the side-event has given the audience the opportunity to “meet” dynamic women through the Campaign’s virtual reality series: “Clouds Over Sidra” and “Waves of Grace”.

African Parliamentary Conference on the SDGs

The UN SDG Action Campaign in partnership with the National Assembly of Nigeria and the African Network of Parliamentarians on the SDGs organised the first ever African Parliamentary Conference on  the SDGs on 9-11 March, 2016. The conference has as its theme – Parliaments, the SDGs and the Socio-Economic Transformation of Africa. The conference had the following objectives:

  1. Share best practices, lessons and challenges in parliamentary engagement with the MDGs
  2. Enhance parliamentary knowledge on the SDGs with particular emphasis on a governance and accountability architecture for the new framework as well as a defined role of parliaments in the implementation mechanism;
  3.  Review national implementation and adaptation strategies of the SDGs, assessing parliamentary roles, inputs and opportunities.
  4. Develop common strategies for effective parliamentary engagement in the domestication, mainstreaming and adaptation of the SDGs into national planning processes.
  5. Promote understanding on emerging Africa vision for socio-economic transformation, their relationship with the SDGs and parliamentary role in their achievement.
  6. Foster collaboration and partnership between parliamentarians, the UN System, non-state actors and international development partners in ensuring accountability to the SDGs especially as it relates to the needs and aspirations of Africa.

The conference was attended by over 120 parliamentarians from 25 across Africa and was preceded by the General Assembly of the African Network of Parliamentarians on the SDGs, a regional body of parliamentarians facilitated by the UN SDG Action Campaign and committed to advancing the SDGs in Africa through parliamentary mechanisms.

This International Women’s Day, add your voice for gender equality!

On International Women’s Day, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign and YouTube are launching an initiative to reach new audiences and inspire awareness and action on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The #OwnYourVoice campaign is the first in a year long series of efforts to inspire people around the world to raise their voices for gender equality and take action by sharing how they will contribute to the cause.

IMG_3208In its pilot year, the inaugural group of Change Ambassadors include seven international YouTube creators who are passionate about global issues. When combined, Jackie Aina (US, lilpumpkinpie05), Taty Ferreira (Brazil, AcidGirlTestosterona),  Hayla Ghazal (UAE, HaylaTV), Ingrid Nilsen (US, missglamorazzi), Louise Pentland (UK, Sprinkleofglitter), Chika Yoshida (Japan, cyoshida1231) and Yuya (Mexico, lady16makeup), represent fan communities comprised of millions of people around the world. 

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a remarkable opportunity to build a more sustainable and equitable world for present and future generations. This project aims to show the integrative nature of this universal agenda while highlighting the complexity and diversity of each of the issues.

“By working with YouTube and the Change Ambassadors, we can help inform and inspire new audiences to support the implementation of the SDGs” said Mitchell Toomey, Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign. “The United Nations can also learn a great deal from the Change Ambassadors by analyzing the measurable impact of the campaign and seeing how their audience reacts to this new approach.”

Throughout the year, the UN’s SDG Action Campaign will work with partners across the UN system to help the Change Ambassadors learn about the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as about the calendar of international events during which their influence could make strong impact. The creators will work to integrate the advocacy language into their own content programming on an ongoing basis and will also come together several times throughout the year to activate these topics through various angles.

“The ultimate goal is to empower current new media experts to get involved in issues that are important to the United Nations so they can take an active role in creating conversation and change with their highly engaged communities. We look forward to building this program together with YouTube and the inaugural group of Change Ambassadors over the coming year.”

Join in and take action to support gender equality:

For more information on the Sustainable Development Goals, visit:

For more information please contact Kristin Gutekunst, Project Manager, UN SDG Action Campaign ( 

En el Día internacional de la Mujer, ¡Levanta la voz por la igualdad de género!


En el Día Internacional de la Mujer, la Campaña de Acción para los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas y YouTube lanzan una iniciativa para llegar a nuevos públicos e inspirar conciencia y la acción sobre los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.

‪#‎OwnYourVoice‬ es la primera campaña de otros esfuerzos durante un año para inspirar a la gente en todo el mundo a levantar la voz por la igualdad de género, actuar y compartir cómo van a contribuir a la causa. Continue reading “En el Día internacional de la Mujer, ¡Levanta la voz por la igualdad de género!”

African Youth SDGs Training launch report: Mainstreaming youth in the implementation of the SDGs


On December 29th 2015, the African Youth SDGs Training Program was launched at AFPEFAM’s head office. Thirty participants from youth and women groups, civil society organizations and other associations joined the launch. The training enabled all participants share their thoughts of the SDGs and discuss what next actions to take after the training.

Ntiokam Divine, who initiated the training program, stated that 2016 is a year of sensitization and mobilization of all Cameroonians in support of the SDGs, and youth should be well informed and own the SDGs. Mr. Divine emphasized the contributions of the MY World2015 global survey has achieved in local communities in Cameroon.67, 032people in Cameroon voted on the survey. Education, health care, clean water and sanitation are the top three key priorities. Half of the voters are youth age from 15 to 30.


Jean Njita, Director of the UN Information Center in Cameroon mentioned that the training marked a huge step forward towards the SDGs implementation since January 1st  2016. He pointed out that volunteers are crucial supporting the SDGs in Cameroonian communities through sharing stories in local languages. Such work enables the most marginalized individuals and groups to be included in the SDGs implementation process.


we shall have another world, the world we want, a better world for the future generation.

                                                                                                                                – Jean Njita

In Cameroon and many developing countries, translating the SDGs into local languages is essential to enhance communication effectiveness. AFPEFAM collaborates with partners to translate SDGs into local languages including Ewondo, Shupamum, and Basaa. During the training, volunteers at AFPEFAM shared their experiences and motivation in translating the SDGs into Shupamum, Basaa and Ewondo. They also shared with the audience their understanding of the transition from MDGs to SDGs. Three pillars of SDGs: Social development, Economic development and Environmental sustainability, and the 5Ps: People, Planet, Partnership, Prosperity and Peace, were introduced to the audience.
The next phase of the training program is to establish SDGs Clubs in schools to engage broader audience.


(All participants signed and took pledges)