Congrats to the Peoples' Voices Challenge winners!

Over 8.5 million people have shared their perspectives on the new agenda on MY World. This would not be possible without the hundreds of partners who enabled the UN to listen to millions of people’s voices, including those of many who don’t often get any say in global debates.

A bold new global agenda to end poverty by 2030 and pursue a sustainable future was unanimously adopted on September 25th 2015 by the 193 Member States of the United Nations. On that historic day, the UN Millennium Campaign, in collaboration with the UN Volunteers (UNV) programme and other strategic partners, presented the Peoples’ Voices Awards to 9 organizations.

Peoples' Voices Awards

And the winners are…

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El Presidente de la República Dominicana Danilo Medina recibe informe sobre encuesta Mi Mundo y Agenda Post 2015

Por la Presidencia de la República Dominicana

El presidente Danilo Medina recibió de manos de la vicepresidenta, Margarita Cedeño, y del coordinador residente del Sistema de las Naciones Unidas, Lorenzo Jiménez de Luis, el informe sobre la participación dominicana en la encuesta Mi Mundo.

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MY World Volunteers reach more than 4,800 people through UNV’s Online Service


By Karol Alejandra Arámbula Carrillo, Global Youth Advocate for MY World 2015

In the summer of 2014, The Red Elephant Foundation supported our request to start a call for volunteers to join our efforts in the implementation of the United Nations Global Survey for a Better World MY World 2015. Over a year later, results show that we managed to gather up to 500 volunteers from more than 100 countries through the United Nations Volunteers Online Service (UNV).

Our strategy was very simple: mobilize youth through online platforms to reach out directly into the digitally disconnected, illiterate and poorest communities into the global debate about the Post‐2015 Development Agenda. After an online training, which considered the story behind the MDGs and the SDGs, we requested volunteers to talk to their family members, colleagues and friends. Once they completed this step, we asked them to engage in offline voting among civilians of their respective countries.


Volunteers were able to position gender equality as the top priority among voters, as this was the main focus of our campaign. At the end of the day, they were able to collect the voices of nearly 5,000 people. The way they engaged voters was through sharing statistics on women’s role in development and the economy globally, as well as challenges they face including violence and discrimination. We all had the same conviction: leave no one behind, especially women and girls.

Volunteers worked in various stages and with different resources. Many of them printed out dozens of voting ballots and interviewed hundreds of people. They visually documented the process, which contributed to our social media strategy to increase participation. Volunteers have been working on the project for 12 months so far and continue to register votes and create awareness on the importance of the SDGs at the local level.


During the entire process we exchanged information, questions ,and comments, which also led to the creation of other projects on gender equality and development through other platforms. In addition, we benefited from other technological tools to be in constant communication as well as to get to know each other better. We truly developed as an international team ,which led remarkable efforts, distinguishing ourselves for our professionalism, constant work, respect, multiculturalism, and ability to work for a common goal: to make mankind participate in consultations for the construction of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and advocate for gender equality.

The overall process has gone beyond our expectations and we have learned incredible lessons. First, I would highlight the unique role that youth have played in this process. Hundreds of young people around decided that this was for them and did everything possible to make their communities become involved in a legitimate, open and transparent process.

Secondly, I am left with the conviction that the new global Agenda for 2030 has unrivaled support from millions of people who decided it was time to get involved, monitor, and work hand-in-hand with governments to achieve new goals to improve the lives of all and preserve our planet.

This exercise will mark all of us for life, all the images, all the stories, all the memories, collaboration, interest, energy and teamwork will be guidelines that will path our work in favor of human rights and dignity. I really do appreciate this opportunity has come to me and has, albeit on a small scale, helped to improve someone’s life.


Thank you UNV! Thank you UNMC! And thank you volunteers! We did it!

Youth Voices take the stage during Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations was held two weeks ago & the UN Millennium Campaign had the privilege of being there to hold a data playground and speak to the youth. The Youth Assembly is a unique platform hosted by the Friendship Ambassadors created to foster dialogue and generate partnerships between exceptional youth, UN high officials and staff, private sector, and civil society. It was a great showcase of youth activists and gave the youth a platform in the UN to share their voices.

This opportunity to speak at the Youth Assembly was made possible by members Tami Kesselman & Margo LaZaro of the World We Want 2015’s Policy and Strategy Group. The PSG provides governance and strategic oversight for the World We Want 2015 platform, serving as an advisory board on key platform decisions affecting both long and short term vision and goals, and supports outreach and mobilization efforts specific to the platform.


The UN Millennium Campaign has the opportunity to speak to the youth about MY World & World We Want 2015 data focusing on transparency, participation, & inclusion of youth voices in the new global goals. They encouraged the youth to take part in these many opportunities to have their voice heard at the UN and motivated everyone to partake in the MyWorld survey.   

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Humans of MY World photos were on display to visibly represent youth priorities and voices being heard around the world. Youth attendants were given their own chance to display their priorities on MY World cards that had an array of priorities to choose from. We heard from a variety of people on why they chose their different priorities.


“Women often don’t have a voice in developing countries & there’s a disparity between classes that also need to be considered when talking about women empowerment.” 


“My priority is gender equality because in Afghanistan, my country, the key to development is the empowerment of women.”


“Education is important to me because my grandmother sold her belongings to put me through school. I plan on being a lawyer and encouraging children to become lawyers to empower civil rights. All kids should be educated.”


Youth participants were given the opportunity to view the virtual reality films “Clouds over Sidra” & “Waves of Grace”. The emotional impact of these films was visible and it was overwhelmingly the most anticipated part of the assembly during the data playground.  
Our data exhibit was a great success and brought together youth from all over the world to share their priorities and raise awareness of the Millennium Campaign projects and values. Youth voices are a valuable input to the data gathered for the UN post-2015 process and are especially important since it determines their future! 

RMF Remains Active in Their Fight Against Human Trafficking

The Ricky Martin Foundation educates about the existence of human trafficking through research and community initiatives, anchored in the defense of children and youth rights. We perform research on human trafficking in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to educate and sensitize the public with the hope of preventing more people from falling victim to this crime.


Human trafficking is the second most lucrative crime in the world. Currently, there are approximately 30 million people subjected to forced labor, slavery, and prostitution, of which 56% are women and girls (TIP Report 2015).


We have published two pioneer investigations about this modern scourge in Puerto Rico Trafficking in Persons: An Invisible Challenge (2010) and Trafficking in Persons: A modern form of slavery in Puerto Rico (2014). Both investigations, led by researchers Dr. César Rey and Dra. Luisa Hernandez, portray the existence and modalities of this crime in Puerto Rico. Among the activities for which children are victims of human trafficking in Puerto Rico include: labor exploitation (drug trafficking, domestic work, begging) and sexual exploitation (prostitution of another, child pornography, massage parlors, “mail order” marriages, and explitation for reproductive purposes). We are currently immersed in the third phase of our investigation.


Human trafficking affects all countries and has many root causes, which vary from one country to another. Poverty is a major factor in the human trafficking industry. People trapped in poverty are vulnerable prey for traffickers. They are often duped with better life opportunities and subjected to modern slavery.


We are thrilled to join efforts with World We Want in order to build a better world that is free of modern slavery. World We Want’s efforts to alleviate poverty worldwide are extremely important and will undoubtedly strengthen our mission. We also look forward to bringing human trafficking to the forefront and to open dialogues in the World We Want forum. RMF is commited to keep educating the masses in order to erradicate this crime. Our dream is to end modern day slavery!

If you want to learn more about the Ricky Martin Foundation visit our website and follow us on social media:

Facebook – Ricky Martin Foundation

Twitter – @RM_Foundation

Instagram – @rm_foundation

If you want to learn more about World We Want visit

Nuestra exposición #VocesDeLaGente llega a España!


Más de 8 millones de personas de 194 países han participado en la encuesta MI Mundo, lo que la convierte en la consulta más extensa jamás realizada por las Naciones Unidas. Detrás de cada uno de esos votos, hay una historia personal que merece ser contada. La exposición #VocesDeLaGente es una pequeña muestra de esas historias.

Cuando: 4 – 18 septiembre
Lugar: Telefónica Flagship Store, Gran Vía 28, Madrid  (Primera planta)
Horario: Lunes-Sábado de 10 a 21h / domingos y festivos de 12 a 20h


Las historias de los millones de personas que han contestado la encuesta MI Mundo 

  • La exposición muestra la voz y la cara humana que se esconde detrás de las cuestiones más arduas en el mundo, y pretende recordar a los gobiernos que no deben olvidar las prioridades y las voces de la gente
  • Un total de 20 historias personales seleccionadas de entre las más de 8 millones de personas que han participado en la encuesta MI Mundo
  • “Voces de la gente” sirve de preámbulo a la Cumbre de las Naciones Unidas para la adopción de la agenda para el desarrollo post-2015 que tendrá lugar en Nueva York del 25 al 27 de septiembre de 2015.

Madrid, 4 de septiembre de 2015 — Telefónica y la Campaña del Milenio de las Naciones Unidas traen a España la exposición itinerante `Voces de La Gente’, que puede ser visitada hasta el 18 de septiembre en la flagship store de Telefónica en la Gran Vía madrileña y que se compone de 20 historias personales seleccionadas de entre las más de 8 millones de personas que han participado en la encuesta MI Mundo de Naciones Unidas para definir la nueva agenda mundial de desarrollo.
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Be one of the first to download new VR Film: “Waves of Grace”!


It is our pleasure to announce the release of our next Virtual Reality film: Waves of Grace, now available for Virtual Reality headsets and for use with/without google cardboard on Android and iOS mobile phone platforms through the App.

Waves of Grace captures a young woman’s tale of love, loss, and rebirth amid the Ebola epidemic. In the film we accompany Decontee Davis, a native of West Point, Liberia, as she guides us through the streets of her township, into schools, hospitals, abandoned buildings and burial grounds. She finds solace by using her immunity to help patients, care for those orphaned, fight stigma, and in the faith of forgiveness. The film draws attention to the lingering effects of the Ebola virus and supports the Secretary-General’s push for continued attention and support to the Ebola response. It was originally prescreened at the United Nations Secretary-General’s International Ebola Recovery Conference, hosted to ensure affected countries receive the support they need to end the epidemic and continue countries on the path to recovery.

IMG_4563 IMG_1412IMG_1214

Waves of Grace is the second VR film of the UN Virtual Reality and Vulnerable Groups Series, result of a collaboration between the United Nations Millennium Campaign and Vrse.Works – with the additional support of Vice Media for this film – and co-created by Gabo Arora and Chris Milk. The series attempts to draw attention to the world’s most pressing challenges and to bring the voices of vulnerable groups directly to decision makers. In using Virtual Reality technology, the aim is to create deeper understanding and empathy and to inspire action towards these causes. The first film, Clouds Over Sidra has met with international acclaim, winning Best Interactive Award at the Sheffield Doc/Fest.

Burial scene from Waves of Grace –


  • With the Samsung Gear VR and Samsung Phone: Download in the Oculus Home Store once using the headset
  • With iOS system or Android Phone using Google Cardboard: Download the Works App.
  • With iOS system or Android Phone without Google Cardboard: Download the Works App.

To learn more about the UN’s Ebola response, please visit:

Media contact:

Actor Jeffrey Wright with UNMC team members Kristin & Alice at the UN pre-screening event (c) Ally Gutekunst

Some of the great press already coming out:

  • World Economic Forum – Chris Milk & Gabo Arora – “Our overarching goal is to make virtual reality a catalyst for real-world change, solving the problems of today while showing just how relevant the principles of the 1945 UN Charter continue to be for all of us.”
  • Ebola Deeply – Austin Schiano & Kristin Gutekunst – “Moving through the streets of West Point, the despair, death and displacement left by Ebola permeates the community, but this is a film about all of humanity: there are flashes of laughter and glimpses of everyday normality. Virtual reality’s unique viewing leaves no space to ignore anything. The effect of Ebola on an already fragile society is clear: for many who have never been or may never go to Liberia, the film is a powerful, intimate second-best.”
  • Wired Angela Watercutter – AN INTENSE NEW virtual reality film isn’t a documentary so much as it is a prayer; its lector is a young Liberian woman named Decontee Davis, and her benediction is a plea for help to rebuild her country after Ebola ravaged it in 2014.”
  • The Creators Project – Kevin Holmes – “Both [Clouds Over Sidra and Waves of Grace] are powerful and emotive pieces of filmmaking, and the transportive nature of virtual reality means the they’re able to elicit a degree of empathy and agency that wouldn’t be apparent in a conventional film. Once you take the headset off, it takes a moment to adjust, not just because a moment ago you were in a virtual Liberia, but also because you just shared someone’s experience on a very personal, visceral level.”
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation – Kieran Guilbert “A virtual reality film aims to draw attention to prejudice towards Ebola survivors by guiding viewers through the life of a woman in Liberia who uses her immunity to help others affected by the disease, the creators said on Tuesday.
  • Wall Street Journal Speakeasy – John Jurgenson – “In terms of technology, the first baseline is that we’re available through the Vrse app on every virtual reality headset. But if you don’t have that, you can use “magic window” mode on your phone [depending on the device], which makes your phone look like a window into a virtual reality world. And with the embeddable web player, you can just scroll around using your mouse. We’re trying to help people take the baby steps into the fullest, most immersive experience possible.”
  • Wired UK – James Temperton – “But ultimately this isn’t a film about despair, it is a film about hope —  a hope that things can get better.”
  • – Scott Hartley – “Technology has the power to alienate, to distract, and to wedge its notification-rich self into each of our previously blissful under-connected worlds. But it has, in equal part, the ability to connect us, to make us more human, and to build empathy between us. Arora’s vision with UNVR is to shape the medium of virtual reality, and foster our enhanced humanity.”
  • Economic VoiceWaves of Grace calls attention to the formidable obstacles that Ebola survivors still face, despite having survived and recovered from the disease.  The film transports viewers to West Point, the most populous slum in the capital of Liberia, and follows the experience of Decontee Davis, an Ebola survivor who uses her immunity to help others affected by the disease.”