By Evonne Tang, Youthink Center
(English Translation by Alice Chen, UN Millennium Campaign)

Initiated by the United Nations, the “MY World” survey has been going on for over a month’s time in China through the outreach of Youthink Center and many other partners. So far, we have not only assembled a large team of volunteers, but also encouraged more regions in China to participate, improving the “MY World” survey’s overall participation.

Volunteers come from all over the world, including the 27 provinces and four municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and the U.S. and the U.K., most of which are volunteers from Beijing.

: This map of China shows the top 10 regions/areas with the largest number of volunteers collecting the survey
This map of China shows the top 10 regions/areas with the largest number of MY World volunteers collecting the survey

“My World” survey data is also very interesting. Look at the overall survey ranking: Globally, “MY World” has over 7.26 million responses; Mexico so far has the greatest number of responses, totaling more than 1.58 million votes (1.5% of the total population).

China (as of March 20) has a voter turnout of nearly 80,000 people, putting China at the 8th spot in terms of country votes. However, because of China’s huge population base, this figure could become even greater. Through our efforts, if we can get more people to participate in activities, China will become a force to be reckoned with in the MY World survey.

Country rankings based on number of MY World votes
Country rankings based on number of MY World votes

Looking at the global data, the highest priority is “A better education.” However, the top Chinese vote is for “Better roads and traffic.” (Perhaps this is because of the hordes of people who are squeezed tightly on the subway, or because the roads are often blocked, so this vote might reflect voters in China are not very satisfied with the current state of traffic and transportation, which can improve).

Global MY World Results
Global MY World Results (Please note: the snapshot of these results in English were taken at a later date and are not the exact same as the Chinese version of the results above)
YouThink MY World Results
Youthink MY World Results

Interestingly, when you look at the survey data from Youthink’s results, you can see that men are most concerned with “Better transport and roads,” while women are most concerned with “Support for those who can’t work.”

YouThink Results for Males and Females
Youthink Results for Males and Females

The picture below shows that difference voters from various age groups and education-levels place on the priority, “An honest and responsive government.” We can easily see children 15 years-old or younger were not very concerned about this option compared to the vast majority of other voters. Could it be that perhaps children and youth are not too attuned to political affairs and this might be a global trend?

Photo 6

As a result of the economic crisis, it seems that people around the world are concerned about “Better job opportunities.” But for highly educated people, the issue seems to be less of a priority. Rather, issues such as “Access to clean water and sanitation” are of a greater priority.

Photo 7

Photo 8

Interestingly, Youthink data shows that people over the age of 46 are most concerned about “Access to clean water and sanitation,” and “An honest and responsive government.”

Photo 9
Voting priorities for China’s age group 46-60

Responses from Youthink Volunteers:

“I have always been interested in and have followed International NGOs. From a random opportunity I found out about the UN “MY World” survey volunteer program, and I joined decisively. I wanted to help others while also elevating my self, and to enjoy myself by serving others. Through this, I wanted to learn and find enjoyment. For this type of work, one needs to start bit by bit.” –2015 “My World” volunteer Fu Biao (Gathered Votes: 684)

“What is most surprising to me is that my 8-year-old cousin was also excited joined me in gathering MY World votes. At the beginning I thought, how can a child have any interest in this or ideas of his own? However, afterwards I realized, age does not matter and children also have their ideas of what an ideal world should look like, just as we do. We shouldn’t judge people by their appearance; everyone thinks differently and has different hopes and dreams because of their different living environment and different education background. On the surface, I am a volunteer for “MY World,” but in reality, through this experience, I was the one who benefited by growing up and by thinking more critically about the world around me.” –2015 “My World” volunteer Chen Xiao (Gathered Votes: 129)
(Original Chinese text below)





图:全球数据排行榜前11位 在全球数据中,关注度排名第一的选项是“优质的教育”,咱们中国是“更好的道路和交通”(估计很多人在地铁上被挤坏了,或是在路上被堵得不行了,于是怨念的把这一票给了交通)。
图:中国对所有选项票选结果 有趣的是,在中国调查数据中,男性最关心的也是“更好的道路和交通”,而女性最关心的则是“救济无力工作人士”。
图:中国男女对所有选项的投票对比图 下面这张图展示了不同年龄及学历的人群对“一个值得信赖的政府”的关注程度,大家很容易发现≤15岁的“臊年郎”们对这一选项的关注度与绝大多数人选的大相径庭,看来少年们单纯不问政事已经变成全球风尚了。
图:全世界不同年龄及学历的人群对“一个值得信赖的政府”投票排名 经济危机一来,似乎全世界的人都在关心是否还能有“更好的工作机会”。但高学历的人,似乎不怎么心急找工作的问题,对于他们而言,能喝上干净的水,并且获得有保障的卫生条件才是正事。
图:全世界不同年龄及学历的人群对“干净的水和卫生设施”投票排名 与高学历的人同样关心水和卫生条件的还有中国的大叔大妈们。中国数据显示46岁以上人群最关心的就是“干净的水源和卫生条件”,以及“一个值得信赖的政府”。想必你已经被父母微信上的养身心灵鸡汤喂饱了吧,这张图也许能够让你更理解他们。


第一名 重庆邮电大学 王腾 2008票

第二名湖北武汉协和医院 程娅婵 1999票

第三名中国政法大学 马子悦 1155票

第四名北京语言大学 徐梦婧 1085票

第五名吉林建筑大学 林城江 731票

第六名唐山中国平安保险公司 付彪 684票

第七名东北财经大学 宁欣 677票

第八名中南财经政法大学 潘舒静 568票

第九名浙江大学宁波理工学院 齐常辉 561票

第十名同济大学 何文意 534票


这种工作,要从一点一滴做起。——2015年“我的世界”志愿者 付彪(得票数:684)
调查过程中最让我震惊的是我8岁的小表弟,他也嚷嚷着要加入调查,一开始我想,小孩子哪有什么想法,但直到给他做了调查后我才意识到,年龄并不是想法的分界线,小孩子也有他们理想的世界。千万不要通过表面来判断一个人,每个人所生活的环境、接受的教育都让他们有了与众不同的看法与思想。赠人玫瑰,手有余香,这句话是对的,表面上看是我给我的世界当志愿者,事实上,从中,我反而成长的更多,思考的更多。——2015年“我的世界”志愿者 陈潇(得票数:129)

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