World Water Day is today! As part of this major event, share on your social media accounts what water means to you using the hashtag #WaterIs. You can pretty much put anything because, well, water is in almost everything and is an essential component to life. You would be hard pressed to find something that water isn’t.

There is a lot of water info out there and on the World We Want visualizations page there are a lot of resources you can check out to find out more information. Let’s start with a look at MY World votes for “clean water and sanitation” to see what countries had the top votes. (Access the interactive “heat map” of all of the MY World priorities here:

water heat map

The darker colors show which countries prioritize water & sanitation the most. Interestingly, Senegal has prioritized water & sanitation as their #1 priority. 79% of My World survey takers in Senegal ranked water and sanitation as their top priority. Other countries that prioritize water include Morocco (60%), Mail (50%), China (45%), and Uruguay (43%). Head to the heat map and select “clean water and sanitation” to see what other countries rank water as a high priority. Are there any countries that surprise you?



What are some resources you can access to learn more about water? Check out the Post-2015 Thematic Consultation Report on Water here! This PDF document will give you a complete overview on the state of the water and sanitation MDG. Find some fascinating facts? Share them on your social media outlets to spread the word about how important water is!

Want more resources? The World We Want has tagged UN-related documents and World We Want online conversations with MDG goals, so you can easily search through a theme on this interactive data visualization to find new resources. Find all of the water-related documents here:



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