On 23-27 February 2015, Ms. Rubeliza Castañeda, a volunteer with the World Youth Foundation collected 50 offline votes in the community where she live at Baguio City, Cordillera Administrative Region and this is her story:

“I started the survey on 23rd February 2015 with my family and some of neighbors. Then, I conducted my planned door-to-door survey in my community. Unfortunately, it was harder than I expected. A lot of people were reluctant to participate. Some were busy and didn’t want to be disturbed while some were simply uninterested. Fortunately, there were FIFTY people who were gracious enough to spare their time and shared their voices. Although they didn’t know what the Millennium Development Goals are nor how they were developed, they are now part of the new development agenda that is coming alive. It was true that I didn’t reach my target of collecting 500 votes but I had learned a lot from this unforgettable experience. I hope all of the 50 wonderful people will think they have made the right choices when they recall back the day they took they survey.”

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