Leaders at the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) vote for a better world

My world 3gfThe Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Millennium Campaign organized a Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) MY World vote in Copenhagen on 20-21 October 2014 to raise awareness and build synergy between 3GF and the post-2015 agenda.

MY World is the UN global survey for a better world. The survey will gather people’s voices up to 2015 and the results will be shared with the UN Secretary-General and global leaders as they negotiate the new global agenda to address extreme poverty and preserve our planet.

Mogens Jensen, Danish Minister of Trade and Development, kicked off voting and expressed a strong message of hope: “We WILL be able, in the next 15 years, to totally eradicate extreme poverty.”

Hundreds of green growth and sustainability leaders at 3GF welcomed this unique opportunity to have their say at the UN and share what kind of world they want in the future. The top 3GF priorities are:

  1. Action taken on climate change
  2. A good education
  3. Access to clean water and sanitation
  4. An honest and responsive government
  5. Protecting forests, rivers and oceans

See full vote results. Watch event videos & interviews and check out photos. Thanks for having your say for a better world!

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