UNA Boulder County Collects Votes at Boulder Creek Festival


This post was written by Pravin Nair, and Zuza Bohley, United Nations Association of Boulder County: http://unaboulder.org . Please be sure to follow them on Twitter, @unaboulder and also @unausa, and to follow the MY World data Results.

The United Nations Association of Boulder County participated in the Boulder Creek Festival 2014 during Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26. 2014. For over a quarter century, the Boulder Creek Festival has been the unofficial kickoff to summer in Boulder. Widely considered Boulder County’s favorite event, the Festival attracts an anticipated half a million people for three days of festivities, featuring a large variety of events, activities, food and entertainment unique to the Boulder community. The concluding day of the festival, Memorial Day at Boulder begins with America’s all time best 10K race “BolderBOULDER”.

The Festival is free to the public and features something for everyone: 9 separate event
areas with 500 vendors showcase everything from community arts and crafts to health
alternatives and technology while 4 performance stages feature a spectrum of music and dance. The Festival also features carnival rides, food and beverage vendors, and the signature event: a rubber duck race down the creek!

The City of Boulder requires all events within city limits to be Zero Waste events. The
goal at a Zero Waste event is to plan ahead and only distribute materials that are
recyclable, compostable or reusable (i.e. no materials that have to be landfilled).
United Nations Association of Boulder County reserved a booth at the Boulder Creek
Festival; our volunteers included members from Model United Nations club at Boulder
High School & University of Colorado and members from the UNICEF Campus
Initiative at University of Colorado.

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Vice President of Dominican Republic launches MY World with 50,000 vote commitment


SANTO DOMINGO 11 June 2014

The Vice President of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Margarita Cedeño de Fernández has launched an initiative to collect 50,000 votes for MY World. She called upon her citizens to join her in voting in what she considers is a transformative human development initiative for the country and the world.

“Today I want to make the promise with the UN Dominican Republic that we will collect 50,000 votes at a national level. In order to do so, we are putting are making all of the computers in all of the Techonological Community Centers available to the UN, so that people can vote” she added. There will be 94 Techonological Community Center and 4 Centers for Community Solidarity (Prosoli) available for the general public to vote so that they can establish the country’s priorities in the elaboration of the United Nations Development Group’s Post-2015 Agenda.

2014.06.11 - MICHELLE RIVAS - PNUD R.D. 2

The Vice President considered that the agenda should have as a goal a more equitable world, where prosperity is shared and we leave behind human catastrophies that violate the fundamental rights of millions of people in the whole planet.

She also manifested that poverty, hunger, malnutrition, infant and maternal mortality, environmental destrucion and the systematic violation of women’s rights are realities that weigh heavily over the Post-2015 agenda.

She indicated that the new challenges are digital gaps, the productive use of technology, food security, access to clean water, the development of ethical science, and the strengthening of world peace amongst other themes, which should weigh over this new agenda.

Translated from the original UNDP Dominican Republic Press Release (Spanish). Photos by MICHELLE RIVAS – PNUD R.D.

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Nepal Doubles Amount of Votes in One Week, Reaching almost 30,000

MY World Survey volunteer ceremony

During the MY World Global Week of Action (May 5-11, 2014) the adolescent and youth organization Yuwalaya coordinated with the UN Resident Coordinator Office of Nepal and various other youth organizations and schools to raise awareness and votes in Nepal. Through their joint efforts, they were able to collect more than 15,000 votes – doubling the amount from the previous year.

Yuwalaya coordinated with more than 50 youths from various colleges and youth clubs of Kathmandu to do the survey. The volunteers were honored by the United Nations Nepal Resident Coordinator’s Office at the UN House in Lalitpur on Tuesday, 17 June for their contribution to the survey.

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Pakistani Youth Commit One Million Votes During Visit from UNSG’s Envoy on Youth


Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – Islamabad

Over 300 young Pakistani youth representatives from all over Pakistan gathered on Tuesday at a youth forum to meet and launch the My World Survey with the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth,  Ahmad Alhendawi.

Young boys and girls from different social backgrounds interacted with the Youth Envoy and shared their views and perspectives about their challenges and aims with regards to access to education, skill development, employment, sexual and reproductive health and to their participation in policy making and peace building in the country.

Chairman of Youth Revolution Clan, Rizwan Anwar noted that “Pakistan’s biggest asset is its youth; we are becoming a youth partner in the development agenda and we are committing to raise more than one million votes for the MY World Survey with as many people as possible: citizens of all ages, genders and backgrounds, and particularly the world’s poor and marginalized communities.” He continued “with more than 2000 youth ambassadors, Youth Revolution Clan will be working with civil societies, youth organizations, universities, colleges and government sectors to mark the difference.” He specially thanked Mr. Ravi Karkara, UN Global Advisor on youth & children for his continuous guidance, support and motivation to launch the campaign in Pakistan that has been in planning for the last nine months.

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JCI Renews Commitment to MY World Campaign


During the 2014 JCI Area Conferences, JCI members took action to engage young active citizens and surrounding community members in the MY World campaign during each of these unique events in Medellin, Colombia (April 23-26), Lome, Togo (May 21-24), Yamagata, Japan (June 4-7) and St. Julian’s, Malta (June 11-14). JCI adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2004 as a way for young active citizens to take targeted action in their communities to create a global impact. The MY World Campaign presents a unique opportunity to continue the commitment and engagement for setting the next set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the post-2015 process.

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UN Foundation’s Global Accelerator Event

Panelists discuss the support from and impact of MY World on the entrepreneur community

The United Nations Foundation’s Global Accelerator event took place last week, aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs & the UN to accelerate global solutions.

MY World was featured as an example of innovation in UN programming. MY World has broken new ground by by using crowdsourcing and digital media to include as many people as possible in the debate on future global targets.


Youth Aiming to Reach 1 Million Young People in Pune, India

2014.06.13 Akash1

This is a letter written by Aakash Shah, Founder and President of Action for Pune Development, and Global Youth Advocate for MY World 2015 and World We Want 2015. He is striving to collect a million votes in Pune, India.

It is an honor to work as a Global Youth Advocate for My World 2015, and the ‘World We Want’ platform. As a Global Youth Advocate, I focus on involving people from different areas of society, as well as other initiatives to help mobilise and strengthen the campaign. I have collaborated with Radio Channels, Technical Book Publishers, over 50 schools, hospitals, Private Sectors, NGO’s etc. to promote the campaign and to collect votes.

There are over 50 MY World 2015 Youth Ambassadors around the world who help promote awareness about the importance of this campaign. In order to better explain each priority in the ‘MY WORLD 2015’ survey, we are organising various events in public areas that have to do with specific priorities in order to maximize the interest and understanding of each priority. For example, we organised a book donation camp to help people further understand the priority of ‘a good education’. We had various people donate books which we then gave to the needy & under-privileged. Similarly, we organised a Tree Plantation Drive on World Environment Day to support the priority of ‘Protecting Forest, Rivers and Ocean’.

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Mexico City officially commits to 1 million votes through 3,000 youth ambassadors


Ravi Karkara (UN), Miguel Ángel Mancera (Mayor of Mexico City), María Fernanda Olvera, (Director of INJUVE DF) with youth ambassadors during the Launch of MY World in Mexico City

10 June, 2014 – Mexico City

The Government and the Institute of Youth (INJUVE DF) of the City of Mexico formally announced that they have accepted the challenge of gathering a million MY World votes. MY World is the United Nations global survey which asks citizens to choose their top six out of sixteen priorities that would improve their quality of life.

The initiative was launched by the Head of Government of the Federal District of Mexico, Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa, as he kicked off the survey that the three thousand youth ambassadors of INJUVE DF will be carrying out in the country’s capital. Mr. Mancera emphasized that the young citizens of the capital are agents of change, and that they will be collecting the same amount of votes in a period of three months – June, July, and August – as entire countries which have taken years to do the same. “We are committed to examining the needs, challenges and how we can improve the lives of youth in the capital.”


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UNPGA Concert: Setting the Stage: Beyond 2015


On Friday, 6 June, the President of the 68th General Assembly, Mr. John Ashe, invited people to join in a concert in the United Nations. The theme of the concert was: “Setting the Stage – 2015 and beyond”. Watch the concert video.

The show transformed the North Lawn building into a multimedia visual spectacle of multicolored lights, projections, and videos. It united an enthusiastic crowd of delegates, staff members, consultants, interns, families and friends. They danced, laughed and sang along in the spirit of unity towards creating a better world.

The United Nations Secretary-General opened theceremony with some lighthearted jokes: “President Ashe has strong connections throughout the diplomatic community.  But now I know he is also tight with the Caribbean music community! As the first UN Secretary-General to ever quote Bob Marley in a speech, I approve!”

He then became more serious, saying that the post-2015 development framework is a once in a generation opportunity that needs to connect to people and sing. He mentioned the MY World survey as an opportunity to convey the voices of citizens: “that is why we have opened the process to millions of voices through the “My World” survey.”

The international musicians who played all shared the same spirit reflected in Ban Ki-moon’s speech. Joyful in song, they also quietly reflected on their personal experiences and called upon the UN to unite and address concerns around the world.

The “2015, Join the Journey” video debuted calling on people everywhere to join leaders of the past by ending poverty and joining the journey towards a better future in 2030. It also called upon people to vote in the MY World Survey.

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Compiled by Kristin Gutekunst, Global Youth Advocate, Social Media

Juntos por un mundo mejor en la Cuidad de México


Ravi Karkara (ONU), Miguel Ángel Mancera (El alcalde de la Cuidad de México), María Fernanda Olvera, (directora de INJUVE DF) con los jóvenes embajadores en el lanzamiento de MI Mundo en México
Ravi Karkara (ONU), Miguel Ángel Mancera (El alcalde de la Cuidad de México), María Fernanda Olvera, (directora de INJUVE DF) con los jóvenes embajadores en el lanzamiento de MI Mundo en México

La Ciudad de México asume el reto internacional de aplicar un millón de encuestas con el formato My World, desarrollado por la Organización de Naciones Unidas para conocer la opinión de las personas en relación a su calidad de vida y cómo mejorarla, informó el Jefe de Gobierno del Distrito Federal, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, al poner en marcha la consulta que realizarán más de 3 mil jóvenes del  Instituto de la Juventud (Injuve DF) en la capital del país.

Acompañado del abogado defensor de los derechos humanos  y asesor de ONU Hábitat y de la Campaña del Milenio, Ravi Karkara, el Ejecutivo local enfatizó que las juventudes capitalinas son un motor de cambio, que en esta ocasión incidirán en el plano global al recabar las encuestas en tres meses –junio, julio y agosto- mientras que a países enteros les tomó años el mismo ejercicio.
Indicó que para apoyar el entusiasmo, el compromiso y aspiraciones de los capitalinos entre 14 y 29 años, el Gobierno de la Ciudad de México desarrolló la Ley de la Juventudes, que otorga certeza jurídica a los derechos conquistados para este sector de la población.