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1Giving a voice to Azerbaijani and international students in their desires for a better world, UNO Baku, in cooperation with UNDP, conducted the “MY World” Global Survey at ADA University on 5 May. Encouraging students to take part in shaping the future global development agenda, the UNO Baku team placed a stand in the Student Center of the university, to capture people’s voices, priorities and views, in defining a new development agenda for the world after 2015.

13The stand included informative posters, hard copies of the survey in Azerbaijani and English and other relevant materials, which attracted student attention. “Started in 2013, the global survey is designed for participants to select six options from a list of sixteen areas of human development and human rights as being most important for themselves, their families and their communities”, explained Malahat Ibrahimova one of the DPI team members, while informing students on the significance of their votes.

2Students were eager to take part in the survey and most of the students identified their priorities with more creative methods. On top of the survey, interested students had the opportunity to participate in a media project of the UNO Baku’s design, which involved the students choosing an area of development important for them, writing it next to a hash-sign and posing with the sign in a photo. The message highlighted the fact that though we are from different countries and backgrounds, as people, we all want to see improvement in the world.

20Voicing his surprise at the enthusiasm of the students who participated in the survey, UNO Baku’s Zaka Guluyev said, “Today we were very successful in getting people to participate. But it wasn’t just our efforts alone –– the students seemed to spur each other on, and that in turn got many other people involved.” The UNO Baku team also extended its gratitude to ADA University and expressed its interest in future areas of cooperation.

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