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The World Organization of the Scouts Movement (WOSM) has been a strong partner of the MY World global vote movement since its launch.

Given the reach of the 40 million active Scouts, their unique contact with youth and communities, and their mission  – to educate young people, and empower them to develop to their full potential and contribute to a better world — WOSM is perfectly positioned to collect the voice and votes of young people and communities.

In show of solidarity Secretary General, Scott Teare officially announced his support of the MY World initiative by posting a blog on WOSM’s website. Linking it to the Scout’s commitment to making an impact on achieving the MDGs, he further encouraged the Scouts to get involved:

We should continue to have a strong presence and voice in our communities today and in deciding for our tomorrow. I call upon everyone to take 30 seconds to vote on My World and have a say in what our future development goals should be.

To further show support of the partnership, WOSM combined the blue UN and purple Scout branding and hosted it on their social media outlets: facebook & twitter.

Scouts can vote via the unique partner ID:

As of 7 May, Scouts from around the world have contributed in thousands (both offline and online), several of whom have joined hands with the local UN offices and other partners so their actual total number of respondents is difficult to calculate. However, it is significant to note that the Boy Scouts of the Philippines alone have contributed 9786 votes, the majority of which are boys 15 and under. These numbers are expected to increase following the Global Vote Day on 8 May and as the initiative continues. The Organization recently created its own unique partner ID, which you can follow here:


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