Launch of Country Reports: What are citizens in your country voting for?

We are proud to announce the launch of the Country Reports, which include results from MY WorldUNDG National Consultations, and twitter analysis by Global Pulse for individual countries.

The reports triangulate the MY World data with the UNDG National Consultations and the UN Global Pulse twitter analysis. The reports are only generated for those countries that have collected over 2,000 votes. As of the first quarter of 2014, 40% of the countries participating in the survey reached this point.

For the past year and a half, 1.6 million people  from all over the world have been telling the UN what is important to them. Overwhelmingly, the top priorities continue to be “A good education,” followed by “Better healthcare” and “Better job opportunities.” However, this survey data is only part of the story.

In order to enrich and reinforce the data from the MY World results, the UN and civil society have teamed up to host a Global Conversation on the World We Want 2015 platform –  an innovative online platform for curating global conversations on post-2015. The platform hosts the UN and civil society official open consultations for post-2015 and enhances civil society’s participation to make sure that peoples’ voices are taken into consideration when drafting the new development agenda. It is a unique online space that applies innovative techniques to data-mining and visualization in a friendly format, and consolidates civil society input to policy-making. 

The UN opened the door to the voices of citizens all over the world to make this development process as inclusive as possible.  As leaders meet to set the development agenda for post-2015, we need your support!!

  • Spread the word of what is important to people in your country – Share  information from the Country Reports and/or create your own analysis using MY World data:
  • Help to increase the number of votes to at least 2,000 in your country. Find out if your country has enough votes or not by clicking here.
  • Get involved during the MY World Global Week of Action (May 5-11) and mobilize your community to vote offline and online using #globalvote – stay tuned for more info!

One comment

  1. I didn’t see Sierra Leone-West Africa (the least developing country in the world) on the list.How can Sierra Leoneans especially the youths and Girls in particular access quality education.How can the UNDG with the Girl Education Challenge (GEC).Do let us inform of any funding opportunities to helping youths and girls to access quality education.

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