MY World Sound Track

A group of young Ecuadorians, from the Virgilio Guerrero Center in Quito, have created a song that talks about their priorities for a better world titled as “The World we Want”. It is written by two local musicians named Frack MC and MC Chris. Recognizing the great potential of this song, UNDP offices in Quito had the idea to make a video featuring not only the two musicians who wrote the song but also the group of young people from this Center who had previously participated in the National Post-2015 Consultations.

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SOS Children’s Villages promotes MY World in Uruguay

During the month of October children without parental care from SOS Children’s Villages in Uruguay have being answering the MY World Survey. Capacity buildings sessions and awareness activities were carried out in three different cities (Montevideo, Salto, Florida), to engage and sensitize children on post 2015 related issues. Thanks to the Plan Ceibal, a government initiative for which all children enrolled in public schools own a laptop, children were able to participate directly from their personal  laptop and eventually promote the initiative through social networks. This very enriching and revealing experience was documented in a short video were children express clearly and simply their priorities for the world they want. Above all, children call for free and quality education, a world with no violence and where people have good and safe jobs.


“Mark A Difference” volunteers in the spotlight of the UN Day in Jordan


“It is vital to ensure that youth are a part of the conversation to identify the next development priorities, both globally and locally,” HRH Princess Basma bin Talal said during the UN Day celebrations on 24 October, adding that “here in Jordan, youth were a vibrant part of the national consultations”.

Proud of the recent award as the “Best Outreach Partner of the Arab States Region”, the “Mark A Difference” volunteers were the protagonists of the UN Day event held in Amman, attended by over 500 people to commemorate the foundation of the United Nations. Their achievements, enthusiasm and dedication were recognized by HRH Princess Basma bin Talal, the guest of honor.  Continue reading ““Mark A Difference” volunteers in the spotlight of the UN Day in Jordan”