The night of September 25, 2013 was a remarkable time for MY World. Even though it was held during the week of General Assembly, the busiest time of the United Nations, our partner recognition event was greeted with overwhelmingly interests and engagement. The crowd drew to the exhibition space in UNICEF House, New York, where the event was hosted, was just as inclusive as the MY World Survey. From Nobel Economic Prize winner Muhammad Yunus to disabled children from our partner in India – NineisMine, everyone had a chance to share their voices on MY World and the post 2015-development agenda.

The event was co-hosted by the three founding members of MY World – UN Millennium Campaign, UN Development Programme and Overseas Development Institute together with the core strategic partners, UN Volunteers, UN Foundation and UNICEF,  to recognize the tremendous support received from all over the world, people from all walks of life. As Corinne Woods, Global Director of the UN Millennium Campaign underlined,

      “This extraordinary scope not have been possible without the work of over 700 organizations across the world who have worked with us to ensure MY World could reach everyone, including those who are not usually consulted and there are extraordinary examples of this-  such as the 774  members of the Nigerian Youth Corp who reached 145,000 people in each of Nigeria’s 77 states, the  United Nations Volunteers who took  the survey to women at maternal health centers in Haiti  and the many volunteers taking MY World to the waste pickers in the slums of Dharavi, India”.

Ms. Zoleka Mandela, founder of Make Roads Safe Campaign, one of MY Word´s partners, acted as master of ceremonies. Awards in ten different categories were given out by distinguished guests including Amina J Mohammed, Special Adviser to the Secretary General on Post-2015 Development Planning, Richard Dictus, Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Secretary General’s Envoy on youth, Mohammed Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize and MDG Advocate, three members of High-level Panel of Eminent Persons advising the United Nations on the post 2015 global development agenda – Paul Polman, Professor Fulbert Amoussouga and Minister Emilia Pires.

The complete list of nominees and winner for each category could be found here.  

While the ten awards were set up to recognize and showcase the best practice in capturing people’s voices across the world during the MY World worldwide outreach, it is beyond our capacity to be exhaustive in recognizing all the good efforts in the field, given the scale of this campaign and the limit of time we had for the event. We welcome more partners to share success story and case studies with us through email or social media for future events.

Finally, we want to extend our gratitude again for all our partners across the world, distinguished guests attended the event,. We also want to give a special thank you to Intel, Johnson & Johnson and M&C Saatchi, who made the exhibition possible. MY World is a first global survey that brings people’s voice into the United Nations. Our combined efforts and future collaboration will make sure it is the best initiative that truly makes a difference in people’s life.

For photos of the events, click here

For the recording of the event, click here


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  1. This is a quite encouraging feedback. We hope for positive inputs to achieve the millenium goals. I wish every youth would find every way to take and contribute.

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