MY World´s communications campaign “Mark a difference” has been launched this week in Belarus. Belarusian celebrities such as Aliaksandra Herasimenia, swimmer and World Champion and double Olympic Medalist; Lucia Lushchyk, TV presenter and actress; Georgi Koldun, TV presenter and singer; Liudmila Vauchok, triple paralympic medalist; and Andrei Stas, ice hockey forward playing for Dynamo Minsk have supported this initiative and feature both on the print and video ads of this campaign.


To ensure maximum impact among the Belarusian audience, the slogan has been also localized to and translates as “important to me” or “мне важна” (in Belarusian). The survey itself is also available in Belarusian language at

Current the top six priorities for Belarusians are: an honest and responsive government, better healthcare, good education, protection against crime and violence, political freedoms and protecting forests, rivers and oceans.

A number of partners supported the campaign including main web-portal TUT.BY. Regular updates can be also found at the following links:

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