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“I am thrilled that by making a simple phone call people can take a virtual seat at the UN to participate in a global conversation on the roadmap for the future” – Ms Priyanka Chopra

Mumbai, 27 May 2013 – The United Nations has invited citizens from around the world to vote on the issues that make the most difference to their lives. Over 560,000 citizens from 194 countries have already voted in one of the largest global surveys ever undertaken, providing real-time and real-world intelligence on what people think are biggest challenges.

In order to draw people from the most marginalized communities in India into this global conversation, Actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Ms Priyanka Chopra launched the mobile application of the MY World survey today.

At the event hosted by the SP Jain Institute of Management Research and co-organized by the UNICEF and UN Millennium Campaign, Ms Chopra said, “This is a truly ground breaking initiative. I am thrilled that by making a simple phone call people can take a virtual seat at the UN to participate in a global conversation on a roadmap for the future. For the first time I feel we have an opportunity at hand to think ahead, think together yet individually and have a truly impactful plan for a future without poverty and suffering.”

The head of the UN system in India, Ms Lise Grande, emphasized, “Now more than ever, we need people to tell world leaders what they want. India is a global leader and when its people stand up for better healthcare, better education, decent work, pensions, sustainable energy for all, human rights and good governance, the world pays attention. The MY WORLD initiative is a way for Indians to shape the global development agenda. It’s an opportunity that’s too important to miss.”

Speaking at the event, UNICEF Representative for India, Mr Louis Georges Arsenault pointed out, “The highlight of this survey is that it has given young people an opportunity to contribute meaningfully in shaping the global agenda. I see Priyanka, UNICEF ambassador, as a role model and strong influencer who can encourage millions of young people in India to take this survey and participate in a process which is so important in defining our future priorities.”

Mr Minar Pimple, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, UN Millennium Campaign, described the launch of the mobile survey as an important step towards making the process more participatory. Mr Pimple said, “Given the deep penetration of the mobile phone in this country, we are hopeful that millions of people will cast their vote.”

Built on the principle of crowdsourcing, MY World harnesses the full power of technology, social media and partnerships. The initiative is supported by over 400 partner organizations globally and has received strategic support from Department for International Development (DFID). In India, the mobile platform is a partnership between the Web Foundation, technology provider Kirusa, service provider Loop Mobile, hosted by the civil society partner, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan.

Through the initiative, people case their ballots in favour of the six most preferred developments that would significantly alter their future. Jamuna Mallar, a young woman from Vellore, Tamil Nadu said, “The whole exercise was in a language I could understand. Instead of being branded as the problem, here I was providing a solution.”

Results from the MY World survey have been shared with the UN Secretary General, the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on the Post 2015 Development Agenda and the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development. In India, the votes so far have indicated that the single largest transforming would be “better education” followed closely by “better job opportunities” and “better healthcare.”

Take the survey online at or call 0730-201-0000

Latest global and country wise ballot counts, trends and priorities can be viewed at

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