Date: 31st May 2013 (10am to 12pm)

Location: United Nations Headquarters, ECOSOC Chamber

What is being discussed? On May 31st (12:01am EST) the report of the High Level Panel (HLP) on the post-2015 development agenda will be available to stakeholders, following the submission of the same to the UN Secretary General the previous day. A number of UN agencies and stakeholder groups have come together to organize a discussion of the report taking advantage of the Panel’s presence in New York at this time. This event will take place at a critical time in the post-2015 process as the HLP report serves as the opening chapter of a fairly lengthy book, which is the post-2015 process.

What will this conversation achieve? The purpose of this event is to provide stakeholders and the wider UN community with a platform to directly engage Panel members on the major recommendations and key themes of the report. In addition to providing participating groups with an opportunity to share their views, reactions and questions on the report, the event would also address opportunities for collaboration in terms of advocacy and dialogue across the remainder of the post-2015 process. As the work of the panel comes to a close, stakeholder groups may be interested to use the recommendations of the Panel to strengthen their engagement with ongoing global, regional and national processes. Using this event to share ideas and information for collaboration could serve as an additional rationale for organizing it, and as a take away for those who attend the event. The discussion will be managed by a skilled moderator and will involve:

Who can participate? The event is open to all interested groups. Pre-registration is required for all individuals who do not work for the UN or diplomatic missions. Queries may be directed to:

The event will be streamed live via World We Want 2015 . Followers can submit questions to the panel during the event via Twitter using #Post2015HLP.

Documents: Event Flier How to register Further guidance is available at: and 

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