MY-World-Australia-Results-May-300x227Almost 8000 Australians have voted in the United Nations MY World Global Survey for a better world! The results so far show that the top three issues of concern are ‘Protecting forests, rivers and oceans’, ‘Access to clean water and sanitation’ and ‘Affordable and nutritious food’. The survey which will run until 2015 aims to capture people’s voices, priorities and views, so that global leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the new development agenda for the world.

To make your voice heard vote now by going to or if you want more information on the survey visit our MY World campaign page where you can read additional background information and watch the UN Secretary-General’s call to action.

Results for New Zealand indicate that out of 1543 votes, like in Australia, the top three priorities are ‘Protecting forests, rivers and oceans’, ‘Access to clean water and sanitation’, and ‘Affordable and nutritious food’. On the other hand in Fiji, from 252 votes, the top three priorities are ‘A good education’, ‘Better healthcare’ and ‘Access to clean water and sanitation’.

In other Pacific countries their current top three priorities are as follows: Samoa, with 17 votes, ‘A good education’, ‘Better Healthcare’ and ‘Equality between men and women’. Kiribati, with 12 votes, ‘A good education’, ‘Better job opportunities’ and ‘Better healthcare’. Nauru, with 8 votes, ‘A good education’, ‘Better healthcare’ and ‘An honest and responsive government’. Tonga, with 8 votes, ‘Better job opportunities’, ‘A good education’ and ‘Better healthcare’. Tuvalu, with 8 votes, ‘Better healthcare’, ‘A good education’ and ‘Action taken on climate change’. Vanuatu, with 11 votes, ‘Better job opportunities’, ‘Access to clean water and sanitation’ and ‘A good education’.

To see the latest results from around the world go to the official MY World Results page.

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