The photo captures journalists making their votes in the MyWorld2015 survey at the press event in the UN House.
The photo captures journalists making their votes in the MyWorld2015 survey at the press event in the UN House.

Since the MY World survey was launched the UN team in Ukraine has undertaken various communication and advocacy activities in order to draw attention of Ukrainians to the importance of making their contribution into the process of defining the future development path of the planet.

Communication component was seen by the UN team in Ukraine as a critical integral part of the whole Post-2015 consultation process aimed at ensuring maximum public engagement into the process and raising awareness about the process, and also promotion of the opportunity for the general public to widely participate in the MY World survey.

The national consultations were launched at the press-conference in December 2012, followed by the press-club in January 2013 dedicated mainly to the MY World survey, which was highlighted by more than 50 publications in printed press and popular online media and couple of TV-channels with a total coverage of 500k people. Through partnerships with selected mass media announcements regarding the MY World survey were published and available nationwide.

A dedicated web-site was created with banners and links to the web-site to be placed on the web-sites of the UN system agencies and national partners. The information was shared with our followers in Facebook and Twitter. It was not just a news updates that we published but rather thoughts and action oriented and provoking messages, for example: “There’s a good expression: “I’m interested in my future because that’s where I plan to spend the rest of my life”. So what do you think of your future? Join the UN initiative and help to choose key world development priorities. Vote at”. We have also engaged celebrities and famous opinion making people. Short video of them calling people to express their views and vote were produced and placed in the Internet and social media accounts. A TV spot has been developed and broadcasted on Ukrainian TV in March – May 2013.

We have used all the opportunities to widely disseminate information. This includes European Business Association, NGOs and public coalitions, student organizations, network of the Innovation Institute of the Ministry of the Education and Science of Ukraine, members of the fun-club of Ukrainian gamers club Na’vi (the champion of the world in cybersport with more than 200k followers). Interactive banners have been placed in the Internet and on the web-site of our media partners, etc. A leaflet and a banner were produced. Posters engaging young people to take part in the survey MyWorld survey have been produced and sent to students associations.

It is very important that the United Nations has provided all people who wish to make their contribution to the process of formulation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the UN  team in Ukraine will continue to work with Ukrainian public in order to spread the knowledge about the campaign and encourage participation in the MY World survey which will be available online until 2015.

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