By March 21st 2013, the MY World survey had mobilized over 150,000 participants in 190 countries to vote for their most  important priorities. The data that the survey is generating yields important information not only on global priorities, but also how these differ by characteristics: by gender, age, education level, and location. This paper provides information on the current findings at a global and sub-global level, and some information on the partnerships that have made MY World possible.

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  1. I think the most important thing is to provide food for current and future population.
    Population growth is not to be a concern throughout the world but that is spending huge amount of money for all sorts of unnecessary, unreasonable, than from a viewpoint totally blind and narrow interests of people who look at life in a limited way compared to their need for more money unnecessarily.
    The idea of ​​limiting the number of people on Earth would have to be seen in terms of money spent on militarization instead to use for medical research and developing new food resources.
    One day I hope humanity will wake up and understand the real way you need to follow.
    Dr. Alex Berca
    Annapolis, MD

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