Members of the Nigerian National Youth Corps are in the final days of tallying votes of a representative offline survey, which heard from more than 150,000 citizens across the country. With nearly 110,000 votes already counted, healthcare is leading the way among Nigerian voters, followed closely by education and governance as the next most important issues.

Corinne Woods, Director, UN Millennium Campaign, spoke on the outstanding work that took place by saying “This survey shows how important it is for the decision makers, who will define the next global agenda, to hear from the people on the priorities that most affect them.”

The simple survey which asked citizens to choose their top six priorities out of a possible 16 choices, from issues such as climate change, equality between women and men, affordable food, better roads and transportation, and more.

Leading six priorities in Nigeria.
Leading six priorities in Nigeria.

The survey was administered in all 774 local government areas across Nigeria, reaching as many as 77,400 households.

The survey is anonymous and participants are only asked their gender, age and country, to allow meaningful analysis of the data so that we can present an accurate global picture of what citizens think to decision makers.

Results from the website, mobile phone, and offline surveys will be submitted into the 4th meeting of the High-Level Panel, which is to be held in Bali on the 25th of March 2013.


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