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  1. The change that would make most differece to the whole humanity is to stop the suppression of the only true and fair technology. A lot of us are aware what´s been going on for decades, and it’s time for the big paradigm shift. Many countries are developing the “new” technology, and the interesting thing is that they are constantly accused of the most horrendous things. Isn’t it time to end the charade and realize that the wealthiest, most unscrupulous people have had their all time high?

  2. ONG ADAPAN arrete no 500/MISPD/AR/DGAPJ/DLP/du 25/juillet 2012
    action pour le developpement agro pastoral du niger
    notre conseil sur comment etendre la pauvrieter
    com chez ici au niger 1.la solution de l’eau 2.cultivon la terre
    3.multiplication de la culture irrigué
    4.sensibilisation le plat formes comunautaire sur les risque de changement climatique
    ci vous a vez baison dune detail sur ce que on a commenter vous pouvez nous contactez sur notre email:ongadapan@gmail.com
    le president
    elhadji ahmed

  3. My post2015 world is at peace; kids are hungry to learn and never go to bed on an empty stomach; people live free of fear and persecution; violence against women is unthinkable; there is social and economic justice for all; those living on the margins of society have a voice and decide their own futures; human rights are respected because we are all responsible and accountable.

    I still have many questions on the effectiveness of the UN: How will you consult those who do not have the benefit of participating in this global action to set priorities? Will you listen to civil society and be held accountable to your commitments? Will you hold governments accountable to their agreements and protocols? Will you stand beside us when we need you most? How will you ensure that the funds are there, and fight against scarcity thinking? How can you stop land grabs and give a central place to the sustainability of resources and put an end to the impunity of multinationals?

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