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  1. The country of Brazil is currently undergoing a social and economic transformation due to many of the strategies the government has implemented to reduce poverty across the country through educational programs. As the largest and most populous country in Latin America, it is well poised to become a regional and economic leader. Under the current administration, Brazil has been positioned as a diverse and progressive nation.
    We are a group of consultants who work with governments, the private sector and international communities to establish positive relations among diverse racial and cultural groups. Our previous proposals and work in cities such as: Bayamo (Cuba), Granada (Spain) and Port-of-Spain (Trinidad) have led to the integration of many of these principles.
    Our team is from Canada, Brasil and USA working together to provide training and education programs such as: landscaping, horticulture, agriculture programs to Brazilian youth. We would like to find out how can we get a hold of Mr. Ahmad Al Hindawi with a proposal for our programs in Brazil?


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